He is Allah besides Whom, there is no other God

The King, The Holy One, The Source of Peace and Perfection

The Guardian of Faith, The Preserver of Safety

The Exalted in Might, The Irresistible, The Supreme...Quran


Our body, mind, heart and Soul are the greatest Gifts from Allah

Because they are the means for us, to reach and touch His Mercy

Quran, Ibadat, and Zikr are Vehicles for this Journey

Prophet's Wisdom, Deeds are Signposts, of this Ultimate Creativity   


Glory be to Allah, Free He is from the things they attribute to Him

The Bestower of forms and colors

The Most Beautiful Names belong to Allah...Quran


Indeed Allah is The Embodiment of every kind of Beauty

However we may study God, He is Infinite in every Capacity

Whatever Beauty He shows us, is only a fraction of what we can anticipate

Of the Greatest Wonder, that yet lies in wait


Everything in Heaven and Earth declares His Glory

He is Exalted in Might, full of Wisdom

Beautiful Attributes, Woven in a Most Beautiful Way  

Allah chose an unlettered man to harvest

These Miraculous flowers in The...... Quran

May 2017



Mohammad ... Allah's Peace and Blessing upon him

A human being reflecting The Light of Allah, as The Caller to His Hymn

The man Allah sent as a Mercy to humanity, full of Spiritual Valor

A Teacher, a Guide to The Way of Allah, the last in The Line of Allah's Callers

In him was The Epitome of a man's ideal personality


He trusted himself in Allah's Hand, during The Revelation of The Quran

While everyone called him a madman, he never broke that humanity's yarn

He showed love and respect to everyone, even those who doubted him

He waited on and for everyone, while nobody waited on or for him    


In receiving The Quran, he trusted himself in The Hand of Allah

He never lied or deceived anyone, not even those who lied and deceived him

He never hated anyone, not even those who hated him

He met every triumph with Alhamdullilah, and every disaster with Patience Hymn


He talked to evil men, while maintaining his Virtue and Dignity

Friends and foes were always overwhelmed, by the Magnificence of his personality

He received Revelations from God and walked with angels

But he never lost his common touch with humanity, remaining ever-humble


Everyone vouched for his virtue and honesty, calling him The Most Truthful one

He filled every heart with his Love and Respect, the haters he won

They Loved Mohammad, but his Message was a target

Peace with God, Peace with One's self and the world and everything in it


Everything he taught humanity, was from God

To emphasize this, he was lovingly called an unlettered man

To whom was revealed The Quran, the most read book in the world

Millions of Muslims have memorized The Quran, A Book that changed the world  

May 2017



When Moses (pbuh) insisted on seeing Allah

Allah replied, 'Moses you cannot see Me'

'Look to the mountains, if they stand still'

'Then you can see Me'


Allah appeared to the mountain, which became sand

Allah says, 'Study Me as much as you like, you shall not see Me'

'For I differ in infinite ways, in how you perceive Me to be'

'Put yourself behind My eyes, and see Me as I See Myself'

'But I Dwell in a Place, you cannot see


It's only through an uncompromising Love for Allah

That the heart may only feel Allah

A love that knows no king, no slave, no thief, no saint

A love that grabs the best and the worst, without restraint


A love that can take you to a Height

Beyond a thousand vultures in flight

A Love that produces women, like Maryam, Aisha and Fatima

A Love that produces youth like Hasan and Hussain

A Love that produces Abu Bakr, Umar, Usman, and Ali

Qasim, Ayubi, Bilal, Tariq Bin Ziyad, Al Ghazzali

May 2017