Noble and useful activities will require you

To withdraw from the outer self, to the inner self true

The forest of the soul has no boundaries

It calls the self to be active, physically, mentally and Spiritually

A means to His Path, an inspiration for others to act similarly


A mind in leisure, is shaitan's playground

Inspiring you to busy yourself, just laying around

While the anguished grow more anguished

People in a hurry, cannot think with creativity

If you are weak, strengthen yourself with more spiritual activity


The effect of force is strongest against least resistance

Shaitan's force is felt strongest against the weakest Iman's Existence

A life based on God's Way, is Creative Poetry and Philosophy

Its amazing what we can do, as long as we are always in play

Adversity is the first path to Truth, strengthening our way

Its amazing what we can do, as long as we are always in play

May 2017



This is a story of a humanity that weeps

Tears of separation from its purpose that it keeps

In memories of days gone by how it laments

Cries from all the pain it underwent


Torn from its purpose O' how the heart does yearn     

Generating dreams of its return

Love and peace amongst humanity that it did caress

These shattered hearts remember well and can express


Better that humanity's heart had never known

The pain of this darkness all alone

Their flames of love come burning thru the flute

Those who cannot hear its song are deaf dumb and mute

May 2017



Avoid evil, not by maiming our passion

For he who quits his desires, destroys his compassion

But rather compel that energy to our moral valor

As steeds for The Cause of Allah    


In love and Brotherhood, let humanity be our heir

By doing the right thing, with diligent care

Be sure that gratified are, the needs of humanity

By planting loving fruits, fertilized by every beauty


To abstain completely from all enjoyment, may be easy

But the challenge to a Muslim is inverted Mercy

Be engrossed in worldly affairs, while retaining Spiritual Integrity

Treading on the Path of Saintliness most worthy

May 2017




What was sent to be for humanity a gift

Has been lost in the speech of magical drift

Making words and laws to say what they never meant

Creating circumstances to destroy any sentiment


What was sent as a Source Salvation for the Soul

Has become a confusing drama for humanity as a whole

In an age where everybody is encouraged, to be the same

So that they only happen to carry a different name


Reasoning the Hallmark of humans, is now a carrion bird

The question that it poses are completely absurd

This strange new reality has clipped those wings

That helped us soar above all things


Difficult it has become to reach spiritual height

Now only vultures remain in flight

May 2017



Flesh-born man by force of the Soul's Grace

Cleaves mountains, explores oceans and outer space

The Might of The Soul of souls sent Guides

As His 'Word' and 'Mercy to humanity'


To change the world and the course of humanity

Inspiring the soul to spring up to the highest heaven in glory

If the tongue discourses of hidden mysteries of Reality

It kindles a fire that consumes all tranquility


Action belongs to us, through The Agency of God

The Cause of our actions, is in The Mysteries of God

Nevertheless in our free willed action, is destiny penned

As recompense is either hell or The Friend

May 2017



The sun sets in the west and begins to disappear

The stars began to take over the sky

Humanity has witnessed this natural phenomenon

Since they were thrown out from their original home in Paradise         


Humanity's expulsion from Paradise

Left such an impression on humanity's personality

That would haunt them throughout the passage of time

Bringing about upheavals and revolutions as humanity's rhyme


When humanity rose as oppressors and tyrants from various parts of the world

Many people and cultures rose and fell

Bringing every kind of anarchy, tumult, oppression, and destruction

But the spirit of Peace, Freedom, and Liberty is strong in the nature of humanity

May 2017



I dwell in that lonely house they know

The Spirit of which vanished many years ago

And left no trace but the detaining walls

Inside the walls of Palestine and now Rohingya

Where daylight never falls


Over ruined fences the grape vines shield

The woods coming back to the dying field

I dwell with a strangely aching heart

With Muslims tortured, raped,

Murdered in a world apart


I look for Mercy on that forgotten and disused road

That has not even a dust-bath for the toad

Don't just hush and cluck and flutter about

Rather bring back that vanished abode

For which the persecuted people shout

SEPT 2017