He could have been an angel, a mystic, a king, a poet or a philosopher

Like a devoted moth circling Allah's Light, longing to be Khizr the traveler   

He could be one comfortable sharing poetry with Iqbal and Rumi

Or in a deep discussion of the Glorious Being of Allah, with Ghazzali


He could have been with Mohammad bin Qasim or Salahuddin

Destined to be an idealistic mujahid, physically fighting to defend Kashmir

He was a laughing rose amongst the garden of humanity's flowers

For he was blessed with a life, full of dreams for humanity's every hour

And by Allah's Merciful Glory he was destined to be

Abdur Rehman Khan, by Allah's Power


A bold pioneer in the jungle of life, conquering whatever came in his way

On his way to America he lost his money in his London stay

So he came to America penniless, but he left the world a millionaire, such is Allah's decree

He made a way for those groping for light, freeing the anguished of his Bedadi  

He left his land of silver flowing streams, to make for his clan a paradise, was his zealotry

Of his magnificence as a man, even angels may sing in praise of his Muslim chivalry


He declared why should we be chained to this dark destiny, reaching out for any ray of Light

Even the stars burnt out, at his glorious destiny of Muslim Chivalry at its height

An ascetic by nature, but his worldly personality won high repute

His true nature eludes every analysis, his sea of thoughts was deep without dispute


A great man who protected his character, that always glowed like a full moon extra ordinary

A modest, eloquent gem in humanity's crown, full of passion and love for his family

His radiant looks sent ripples of flowing streams like a charming spell

Said the moon, all beauty is in you Abdur Rehman Khan, I am just the tapestry of your soul

Abdur Rehman Khan you are a bright star in humanity's sky, It all comes from Allah's Will and Control


His accomplishments gleam with immortal life, in Allah's decree

His spirit may still be in California, Mecca, Andalusia or his beloved Bedadi

To be leveled in the dust, is the end of every magnificent story

He disappeared from our sight, but our memories will never forget his valor   

Insha-Allah we will meet in another time and space, Insha-Allah

May 2017



Mummy...I live for you that loves me

Your heart is kind and with Allah in harmony

Allah sent you as the light for this family's galaxy

You make The Heavens smile at me


Your Loving ties bind me

To which Allah has Miraculously assigned me

Where all the brightness in life found me

And led me to the good things, I must do and see


From you I learn life's story

And emulate your moments of Spiritual glory

From your moments experiencing The Divine

I try to find the secret to make it mine


You make Heavens smile for me

You are The Flower of Modesty

Your heart is kind and with Allah in harmony

I live for you that loves me, Mummy

May 2017




O' My Lady when Allah like the moon blessed You

You became soft fire with a cloud's grace

The stars swam creating the shine on Your face

You stood and Your shadow was my place

You turned, Your shadow turned to ice, O' My Lady


O' My Lady when the sea of destiny caressed You

You became a marbled form of memory

When Your saintly behavior winged You away

The waves of life gave over their foam

I went to sleep and You went home, O' My Lady


O' My Lady, Your fragrant breeze touched me

And made destiny's music heard from every flute

Now I follow that moon and that fragrant breeze still

When my heart felt it, into my life You fell

But Allah took back what was His, O' My Lady


O' My Lady, consider when I lost You

Even the moon's beauty scattered to waste

The sea's waves darkened, from the world's jealousy

It all decayed, where destiny's hands passed

My head worn out, but my love finds no rest

And my hands, my hands full of dust, My Lady

May 2017



Zainab, Hajra, Yusuf and Sulaiman

The shining lights from Yasmin's soul

That like an ocean of love makes me whole

A love that guides us to Allah, as our goal


Remember wherever in life you may roam

Yasmin's love will always make your heart, her home

For her love there will be no substitute

Her love will always play in our lives, like a flute


I always wonder if from Paradise, she will send me a rose

Maybe in Allah's Infinite Mercy, now i just suppose

But of Allah's Eternal stream of Reality, the water speaks

And gives me the answer to a question, i dared to seek


Yasmin's saintly loving personality, gave us wings

To soar in beautiful ecstasy, above all things

Her love called us, come fly with me, I'll take you to a height

Beyond a thousand eagles, in full flight


From the shores of the Divine, came her drift

As a cool Breeze from Allah, to give our lives a great lift

Preparing us with the perfection of love

For the day her soul suddenly departs, leaving us to mourn


But Yasmin would not to leave us, all alone

Her soul has merely gone, just to be reborn

Yasmin had a spirit that no ocean can contain

Insha-Allah she is preparing to meet us, in the next life again


May you be the Flower of The World

May you carry the flag, of scattered beauty

May you be from Allah's Royalty, chasing the dawn

May you travel through life, in complete peace


May your heart fall Prey, to Allah's Glance

May that Glance, become Inspiration for humanity

May you intoxicate the world, with His Message

May your face be like the moon, glowing with His Love


May you feel only The Sweetness, of His Afflictions

May you always be greeted, by smiling Spiritual cheeks

May your life be an eternal Spring, for Muslims

May you be from Allah's Royalty, beneath the dervish's cloak

May 2017



I wish I had the wisdom to say something consoling

Hajra Beta ours is a closeness like this

Anywhere you put your foot, you can feel me there

In the firmness of love in your life


Life goes on, then a wolf appears

We run in all directions, but nothing floats for long

For years copying others, we tried to find ourselves

For I could not decide what to do


We have this way of talking, and we have another

Apart from what we wish, or what we fear may happen

We are alive in another life

As clear stones that take form in reality


From within, immersed in confusion

Then I walked outside myself

And found an open letter to everyone, open it!

It says, LIVE


The human shape is a ghost

Made of distractions and pain

Sometimes pure light, sometimes cruel

Trying wildly to open this image, so tightly within itself


I cannot think of good advice to you

We have tasted the worst of what can happen

A lie does not become Truth by talking about it

Spend less time with nightingales and peacocks

One is just a voice and other just color


For a while we lived with people

But we found no sign of faithfulness we wanted

It is better to hide completely within

Like water hides in metal, as fire hides in a rock


You are from my friend, there is no light like Yasmin's

No breeze quick enough, to carry her fragrance

I want to sit in the garden with my friend

Just to enjoy the flowers, Roses and Yasmin


While the poets say Love's Mysteries

And why the Reed Flute grieves

There is no Reality but God

There is only God

May 2017